Third Eye Electrokinesis- Manifestation!

This is PK is useful for anybody to improve their life and karma, by working with cosmic energy.  Knowledge is power! By practicing Guided Meditation from Yogi Gita himself, anyone can easily become fulfilled, prosperous and whole.  This is possible because of the author’s extensive knowledge, which results from his hands-on experience with psychokinesis. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. The cosmic energy within this mind power book is all that’s needed to easily manifest unlimited prosperity and undiluted potential!

Psychokinesis is now one of the most actively researched areas of mind science (Psi). This Is PK naturally empowers all readers to understand and fully benefit from these phenomenal breakthroughs. Many prominent scientists now realize that the discovery of psychokinesis has truly far-reaching implications for the new world—more significant than the  “discovery” of the New World and Atomic Energy itself! In fact, Albert Einstein himself would’ve never made theory from his atomic level research, but for his sub-atomic work breakthroughs involving refrigerators. Psychokinesis also operates on a quantum and sub-atomic level. Extensive modern scientific research has already validated that. So how can all of this benefit you, your life and future? This is PK provides all of these explanations, answers and solutions, based on the author’s exciting discovery! 

 In the not-too-distant future (and presently in some nations), this specialized knowledge of psychokinesis will naturally become mainstream. It’ll be used for myriad purposes, only by those who are knowledgeable, privileged and educated enough to benefit from it! Many breakthroughs have naturally emerged regarding the ways in which this force works. And, how it can be used by anybody, to control matter, which includes their life circumstances. This is PK is here to uncover all of that for at those who read it.



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“True PK is related to the mystical powers of shamans, yogis, magicians, saints, poltergeist and especially “acts of God.” One hundred years ago, investigators of such claims began to devise special scientific methods of studying them.”

A February 21 1960 Moscow press release reported that the prominent Russian Professor of Astronomy Boris Vorontsov-Veliaminov said that “there must be an infinite number of planets in the universe inhabited by beings endowed with reason.”

“When we use physical forms of yoga, a connection is established with specific energy fields that these postures or movements represent. This works very much like any other kind of symbolic representation or archetype.”

“The Society of Psychical Research was established in 1882 and pioneered many psi experiments, in response to spontaneous reports of paranormal activity. Prior to its establishment, nearly all recorded cases of PK involved séance settings and isolated poltergeist activities within homes.”

“Dr. Rhine became interested in studying PK within the lab after he was approached by a student gambler. This student claimed that he had the ability to influence the outcome of the dice throw by his will power alone. In fact, the student gambler said he certainly could get the dice to face to land as he


“Patients have been able to reduce the size of their own cancerous tumors up to 50 percent after only one week’s meditation. So, what does all of this have to do with PK?”

“This data suggests that changes in plant physiology resulting from a person’s intent may be attributed to the person’s PK. Dr. Grad has also discovered that PK can foster fermentation increase in yeast.”

“Many people may attribute this phenomenon to Extra-terrestrial or “Alien” activity, which many claims is now indisputably happening very actively. In any event, I’ve established a working theory that accounts for the FP, and obviously, it’s been proven by the scientific method.”

“There are many rumors about moving objects with the mind, tipping tables, levitation and so much more, but what is the truth? As one who has first-hand experience with true PK, I have provided these records to illustrate how it truly works in the most natural light.”

“Based on formal research in the area, telekinesis affects so many other things including automobiles, lights, computers, and even subatomic particles. Accordingly, it’s not at all inconceivable to realize that PK manifested in its various forms is involved with the instances described…”

“These experiments are absolutely imperative for satisfying some of the skeptics and debunking the false claims against the reality of the FP and the reality of PK Force.”

“In this chapter, you’ll read about the tools that anybody can use to automatically create a boost in their natural telekinetic abilities. The key is to scientifically master the use and integration of powerful PK triggers, for exponentially amplifying your psychic abilities at will and on call.”

“Psychotronics is a term that describes the merging of psi advancements and engineering technology. It’s literally “the projection or transmission of mental energy by an individual or collective metal discipline or control, or by an energy emitting device.”

“Psychotronics is a term that describes the merging of psi advancements and engineering technology. It’s literally “the projection or transmission of mental energy by an individual or collective metal discipline or control, or by an energy emitting device.”

This Is PK exposes readers to the real world of “Psi,” which is the formal scientific study of mind over matter and subconscious mind energy, by providing information concerning the history, breakthroughs, technologies and theories related to using “third eye power.” Readers also benefit immensely from the authors own formal scientific studies involving the “FP Discovery and it’s most far reaching implications.” Studying the author’s FP discovery places readers in a truly unique and powerful position, to easily grasp the essence, nature and Functioning Principles of the third eye, for psychokinesis manifestation. Equipped with this transcendental and divine power, readers are fully trained to use the PK power within the third eye , for facilitating their well being, protecting their lives, and strengthening their chakras energy. Never before has the world had such direct access to the knowledge needed to easily and naturally begin controlling psychokinesis to realize, achieve and attract whatever is desired, and to improve upon and further enrich any circumstance, predicament, strategic position or personal situation!

In this day and age, there is so much focus on material advancement that spiritual and metaphysical secrets have taken the back seat. That’s exactly why people are unable to have faith in the divine and their own highest higher mental and spiritual powers. Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has relied upon the telekinetic real magick of psychokinesis to attract and manifest the necessaries of life and a whole lot more! For example, there is ample evidence, especially in caves, that hunters, gathers and tribesman from all over the world performed certain rituals involving the power of subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction to ensure successful hunts, and even to influence natural forces such as the weather when necessary. In our day and age, science is revealing like never before how using the telekinetic power of the third eye is the secret to controlling our lives on all levels, and about the connections that PK has to the highest realms!

There are many mysteries, tales, hypothesis and beliefs about how true mind over matter functions that have passed down over the ages. The most crucial issue is that having a strong point of reference which anybody can easily relate to and understand regarding how mind power functions is invaluable and priceless in this day and age. Accordingly, This Is PK presents mind over matter within the context of the Author’s FP Discovery, which makes it easily understood and immediately accessible by all who study this manuscript with an open mind. By now, understanding how mind over matter actually functions is crucial for all, because everything in existence is actually mental, which many Buddhist and other Eastern spiritual traditions have known for ages…

Since by now we already know that ultimate reality and everything is truly mental, it’s obvious that understanding how the third eye works to directly control matter and the illusory material/physical physical plane is of utmost importance for anybody that truly values their lives, karma, interests, and well-being! In addition, since we know by now that everything is truly mental, shouldn’t we be focusing much more time and energy on developing our highest psychic manifestation powers?  This Is PK is ideal for people with a beginners, intermediate or advanced level of metaphysical knowledge, as all of them have access to observing the same transcendental-mystical power, and benefiting from what they glean in that exposure…


This is PK is deal for those who truly want to help, heal and improve themselves using the power of mind, and belief, but feel unsure, hesitant, afraid or doubtful for whatever cultural, psychological or spiritual reason. It places these hungry souls on the fast track to success, and a never ending upward spiral! Many of them have no basis for belief in their higher selves, the third eye manifesting, and desperately need Divine insight and guidance from a bonafide guru– to facilitate that great spiritual Awakening and foster ultimate personal empowerment. If this pertains to you, then this treatise is a must-read that truly and quite literally can save your life! Remember that it’s never too late to improve in unlimited ways. This exciting body of metaphysical knowledge presents the most ancient and authoritative information passed down through the ages, which does indeed verify the mystical power of many yoga, meditation and secret third eye mind power information. Backed by concrete modern scientific evidence of the F.P. Discovery, any skepticism or uncertainty is easily and naturally transformed into Divine knowledge that moves mountains.

Belief is an essential ingredient for any degree of success or achievement, and the confidential information disclosed in this treatise empowers all readers with the knowledge needed realize their highest potential. This secret and most confidential occult science information has the power to easily and naturally make all of your dreams come true and make every day of your life blissful. And what’s more? This is PK spiritually empowers all readers, which naturally translates into power over over this life and our future incarnations! While it’s entirely possible to manifest whatever is needed desired, within reason, by mastering the use of your PK, always remember that we can’t take any of it with us after we leave this earth. And, that the real investment is in your spiritual “bank account.” In fact, the transcendental-spiritual energies that this treatise gives readers direct access to will follow and benefit them for eternity!


Without the ability to develop, understand and use PK, by learning certain yoga, meditation and metaphysical techniques, within the framework of the author’s extraordinary F.P. Discovery, far too many people of this world are unnecessarily losing and lacking control over their lives at an alarming rate! As a result of a lack of knowledge, many are unable to improve or change their lives and karma, and find themselves feeling stuck, no matter how hard they try to break free from the many fetters that bind them. This is indeed a Great and unnecessary Tragedy that this exciting new information age easily helps us to resolve by providing access to the deepest mind control secrets…

Accordingly,  This Is PK is now naturally improving the world, one reader at a time! And, People from all walks of life, and in every nation truly benefit by learning to use the power of the third eye for manifesting positive and permanent karma change! And that’s exactly why everybody on this planet ought to all know about the author’s exciting PK Discovery, how it was made, the proof disclosed by the research; and most importantly,  how they can immediately and immeasurably benefit from this most mystical power. Order your copy of This Is PK now, and immediately begin to take direct and total control over your life, karma and future like never before!

ISBN: 9781640084971

Prompt eBook delivery to e-mail address provided on credit/debit card order form, or to Paypal E-mail address, if ordering by Paypal.

File Format:  Adobe .pdf

Easily access on PC, Mac, Android, Tablets and iOS platforms.

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About The Author:

Yogi Gita Sudarshan is an adept yoga and meditation practitioner and spiritual mentor. He has many mystical secrets to share that led to his extraordinary discovery in the field of PK. This discovery unquestionably proves the existence of mind over matter in ways never before imagined or fathomed by the scientific community. Yogi Gita specializes in helping others with personal development and empowerment, self improvement, psychic manifestation, third eye awakening, spiritual growth and enlightenment. People from all over the world are now benefiting immeasurably from these exciting breakthroughs and most confidential insights. Through this form of self-awareness and elevation to divine and cosmic consciousness, those that lack are attracting unlimited boons, and the weakest ones among us are now naturally becoming some of the strongest! Through his extensive work in the field of PK, Yogi Gita is ideally positioned to help others begin using this supernatural mind power, to uncover their greatest potential and easily remove all obstacles…