PK Manifestation Meditation

What is Manifestation Meditation Practice?

Manifestation meditation is one of the most exciting subjects you’ll ever study in life! And that’s exactly why this article is of utmost importance to understand and to utilize life as a whole. The power of manifestation is something that’s at the core of all spiritual beliefs, self-help, religions, cults and mind power (psychic energy) techniques. Accordingly, understanding this gives one great power over one’s life and future for eternity. What could be more exciting than that?

We are always trying to Manifest.

The fact of the matter is that since the dawn of time, humans have always been trying and in the need of manifestation on a daily basis. Manifesting food , clothing and shelter and love are among the most critical things. They had to master this power and they did it quite well, which has given rise to our magnificent civilization. Well, lately it hasn’t seemed all that magnificent, based on the truly childish and immature behavior of many world leaders that I won’t mention here, as this is not a particularly political blog. But we have to be the change that we want to see in the world. And that’s why were all here.  The Author, Gita Sudarshan teaches readers of This Is PK Mind Over Matter how to be that light in any circumstances, and this knowledge will stand the test of time. Manifestation of needs and desires hasn’t changed as a need for humans, but the nature, context ad framework have. This Is PK Mind Over Matter teaches and guides readers in how to navigate that framework and succeed with their highest mental and spiritual powers. It’s imperative that anyone reading these words take action and manifest the lives that you want through the most intelligent and systematic means, regardless of what’s going on in the outside world.

Imagine Having the Power to Easily Manifest Through Guided- Chakra Meditation.


Manifestation mediation using the chakras as a “mapping system” is nothing new at all. It’s been at the heart and soul of spiritual science for many thousands of years. In addition, the existence of chakras is by now a well-known scientific fact. By learning how to work within the chakra system, one can easily and natural take full control over ones life, future, karma, health and fate. One of the most crucial factors is to have a good meditation expert or ” yogi” to guide you through the process which is not always easy to find. The old Proverb ” What’s yours will come to you is certainly applicable here.” As a specialist in manifestation meditation and psychokinesis expert and Spiritual Master, Author Gita is able to easily and effectively guide all readers to higher ground for eternity. This is PK Mind Over Matter is a truly useful resource for learning how to benefit from the unlimited power of the chakras. 

Take Action and Make Any Needed or Desired Changes.

At the heart of manifestation is the concept of change. While change is never coerced, to avoid it may be lunatic in many cases. Learning to work with psychokinesis is such a situation where change is needed and inevitable all over the world; because of the unlimited ways that it naturally benefits and helps the human experience in life. This is why PK is an increasingly international affair. In these unpredictable days and times, we urge all to take back control over your lives and worlds by working with the power of PK through the medium of Transcendental Manifestation Meditation. Claim your copy of This Is PK Mind Over Matter now, and naturally witness all of your dreams and desires manifest to fruition. 

What's is about?

It's a mind over matter manifestation and metaphysics manuscript that guides readers in developing true psychokinesis (PK), as a result of transcendental meditation (TM), mystic yoga and subconscious mind techniques. This text was naturally published after the author’s exciting, monumental and groundbreaking discovery in the field psychokinesis...The “Fridge Phenomenon” (FP) Discovery, and it empowers all readers to easily and immediately begin using this truly supernatural force for self-help, unlimited manifestation, healing, and to further improve any area of life!