Chakra Balancing Secrets

Chakras are the body’s basic energy-vortex centers, which have great potential to help and heal the mind, body and spirit. There are seven major chakras, which all span from the base of the spine to the very top of the head. By learning various chakra balancing techniques, anybody can easily manifest their innermost needs and desires. The best way to begin working with yourself on this level is through studying for Personal development. And as this point the best resource for learning about chakra balancing, transcendental meditation and manifestation is known as This Is PK Mind Over Matter.

The chakras are a well-established scientific fact, which is why this article is truly important to understand and share. The psychology of chakras is what I find most fascinating. The chakras embody our emotional, mental/psychic and physical bodies. They are the keys for accessing the deepest secrets of these separate bodies and their interconnectivity. And indeed, the chakras themselves are the secret to controlling these different bodies. When you begin to understand the chakra system, then you truly realize the source of your major life issues, setbacks, successes and failures. It all makes much more sense then, and you can easily understand and control everything in your world. This includes, for example: Having more motivation, mental energy, sex drive, and overall energy to achieve your goals, and achieve spiritual liberation or “Nirvana.” Obviously, understanding, balancing and working with the chakras is of utmost importance, for living a good life. Modern science is deeply researching and concerned about the connection that all of this has to psychokinesis (PK) or direct mind over matter. This is quite serious subject matter…

Let’s now learn a bit about the chakras and how they function. The chakras start at the base of our spine, and span through the center of the body; all the way to the top of the head. This first energy vortex is known as the root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit. By the way, the term “Mula” means root and “Adhara,” which means base. This is our center of support. It’s our life’s structural foundation. This is how we sustain ourselves in terms of our livelihood. Does one have very strong job security and reliability? Does one have enough money to pay for all needs? Do family and friends support one along the way? These are all root chakra considerations. So, where does this support archetype come from in its most primal form?

One truly crucial aspect of the chakras to know about is the elements of nature that they’re connected to. The first chakra is associated with the element of Earth.  We must reconnect with the Earth, in order to heal and balance this energy center. Both love and support are in The Earth. And that’s ultimately what helps us return to innocence once again. One with a well-balanced root chakra is successful in one’s career, job trade or business. A strong sense of family solidarity is vested in this chakra balancing center. There are many meditation techniques and mystic yoga practices that are very effective for maintaining a strong root chakra. Studying This Is PK Mind Over Matter is the safest, most effective and easiest way to ensure that you’re protected in these perilous times. 

The second chakra is our sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, which means “sweetness.” 

This is our center of procreation and also for creativity. It governs how we relate to others creatively for positive and permanent karma change. It’s being creative in our manifestations, hopes and dreams, in our families, business and education. This center also controls the health of our reproductive organs. When this energy center slows down or isn’t working properly, one becomes more withdrawn, shy and reticent, due to a lack of creativity in relating to and interacting with others. The lack of creativity leads to demotivation. Hence, working with creative energy is at the center of what this chakra has to offer.  The more creative we are, the more fun we have, the more successful we become and the more we enjoy every aspect of our lives.


Now, let’s review the third chakra, known as the Manipura in Sanskrit, which translates into “City of jewels.”

This is our center of personal power, and it’s situated just above the navel. It controls our diaphragm, which is how we breathe. It’s the organ that causing the lungs to contract and expand. Life energy in the air is the source of the body’s power. Many yoga and meditation practices such as pranayama, Tai Chi and Chi Gung are classic examples of how controlled breathing controls the body’s health and wellness.


Above the Solar Plexus chakra is the heart chakra, known as the Anahata in Sanskrit, which translates into “unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten.” This center governs our ability to both give and receive love. Love isn’t a one way road! That’s the most crucial thing to remember about the nature of love itself. So the concept here isn’t that “I want to be loved,” as most people think. It’s more a matter of focusing on giving love, which naturally sets a powerful force in motion that magnetically attracts love to us from everywhere. So then, the trick to overcoming the feeling of being unloved is that whenever you’re feeling a little unloved or a little lonely, just think of somebody to love. Project love to plants, trees, and animals. Just don’t forget to love yourself first. So you want to imagine that you’re giving and receiving as part of a natural cycle. This chakra’s color is green and it represents the plant kingdom that produces all of the oxygen we need. 

Accordingly, the heart chakra is connected to the lungs, where we take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide. 

That process is analogous to giving and receiving love. Again, it’s a cycle. It’s not a one-way thing. This is all truly essential to know about. It empowers us to give unconditional love and definitely get it back. In a very real way. And teaching others how to do the same truly activates the heart chakra on a whole other level. A major and effective solution to most emotional and psychological conditions.  

This brings us to the fifth chakra known as the Vishuddha in Sanskrit. This is our throat energy vortex center. It’s our communication center, and is all about speaking our truth. It’s connected right at the ear level. This chakra also works as a two-way road, because when you’re speaking, or you have something to say, you’re also going to be listening. You’re taking the time to listen as well, so it isn’t just a one-way thing. We want to be able to receive and share. People with blocked throat chakras may definitely experience symptoms of anger and frustration. They may feel that they are unable to get their message out and be heard. They may not feel understood, which results in constant miscommunication. From a psychological standpoint, anger generally doesn’t exist when people feel understood. So the goal of having a clear throat chakra is to be understood, by clearly speaking our truth. By working with the guided meditation techniques provided in This Is PK Mind Over Matter, anybody can easily ensure that their throat chakra is in ‘tip-top” condition.

Now, let’s examine the sixth chakra, the brow chakra, popularly known as the Third Eye or Ajna in Sanskrit. This is a most useful center of power because we can actually make it stronger through certain yoga, meditation and other mystical practices. It’s connected with the power of the subconscious mind in the Hindu tradition. This is our mind’s center of processing thought and frequencies. We imagine here, visualize and dream here. And since it’s so closely connected to the brain, a lot of intellectual activity happen in this vortex. So, it can easily get blocked, clogged or become overworked. This is why some call it the “haywire mind center,” when it’s out of balance. When not working right, we experience unwanted and undesirable thoughts. We don’t quite understand why they’re are coming and going without our conscious control. We want to balance that chakra and ensure its spinning very well.  We must transcendentally meditate and remain open to divine wisdom and guidance, which is available to us at all times by looking within. That’s the secret to overcoming the haywire mind syndrome.

This brings us to the crown chakra, the Sahasrara which translates from Sanskrit into “Thousand Petals.” This energy center above the head is our connection to divinity, experiencing the sublime state of Godhood and enlightenment. It’s our spiritual liberation chakra that leads to the state of Moksha, which is freedom from the ruthless cycle of birth and death. After babies are born, there’s a soft spot on top of their head. Some indigenous people believe that there’s a thread connecting the child to the heavens at that energy center. This comparative cultural analysis further evidences the significance and existence of this chakra. In any case, we want to open it up on a metaphysical level. That’s how to activate the right archetypes of consciousness that foster spiritual empowerment and the Great Awakening. All of this and so much more about using the chakras for manifestation is available to read in This Is PK Mind Over Matter.  Get your copy, study it carefully, begin a whole new life, future and create your own destiny!

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