The research study of astrology and psychic help

This Is PK Mind Over Matter is a practical manifesting meditation book. It guides readers towards developing True-Psychokinesis (PK), also known as “telekinetic powers.” This divine yoga book presents the reality of easily developing PK abilities, as a result of mystic meditation. This manifesting book highlights the connections between modern science and technology, psychic abilities and real yoga. So, it presents the author’s exciting groundbreaking PK discovery known as the “Fridge Phenomenon” (F.P.). 


Mystical Powers for Prosperity

The author will uncover the deepest secrets about this mystical power. And, how anybody can easily use it as a tool for wellness and prosperity. Everyone should know all about what the F.P. Discovery is. Also, how this discovery works in relation to chakras, mind, body and spirit. This is PK Mind Over Matter teaches readers how to immediately begin using this exciting mind power and control it!  


 Manifesting Good Karma

This karma yoga book is ideal for applying the principles of mystic yoga meditation into everyday life; for unlimited positive permanent change. This manuscript helps readers in developing telekinesis fast. It presents the most effective proven techniques, through chakra meditation and the science of mind. So many people now want effective solutions in a new age, day, time and paradigm. 

 Self-Empowerment and personal Growth

A time when things are changing fast and quite unpredictable. People want mind power methods that are highly reliable in a real way. Methods for manifesting the lives they truly want. This manifestation meditation book proves the existence of PK mind over matter (“Psi”). In fact, it’s truly professional scientific research is what makes it so unique, compared with all other books on manifesting.


 Enjoy Your New Life Journey!

This book is super-effective, only because the author’s exceptional mind power manifesting discovery!  It’s all based on truly valid scientific research. Obviously, it’s important for all to realize their unlimited psychic potential.  This opens a whole new world and frontier for all who access the PK manifesting well. This empowers readers to change life, fate and karma in unlimited ways. To easily and naturally experience the ideal life no matter who you are or where you’re from. For all who want to control life, future and easily manifest, begin now by reading “This Is PK.”

What's is about?

It's a mind over matter manifestation and metaphysics manuscript that guides readers in developing true psychokinesis (PK), as a result of transcendental meditation (TM), mystic yoga and subconscious mind techniques. This text was naturally published after the author’s exciting, monumental and groundbreaking discovery in the field psychokinesis...The “Fridge Phenomenon” (FP) Discovery, and it empowers all readers to easily and immediately begin using this truly supernatural force for self-help, unlimited manifestation, healing, and to further improve any area of life!